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The Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) is a multidisciplinary lab dedicated to improving patient’s lives by developing regenerative medicine therapies and support technologies. The lab offers support through a wide range of sophisticated equipment and personnel in the areas of biomaterials, cell and tissue culture, histology and imaging (both in-vivo and in-vitro).



The imaging suite has a wide range of imaging and microscopy resources available for researchers within the the department, the Innovation Quarter and users at large. Capabilities range from a quick look evaluation of slides and plates to multi-spectral, high resolution confocal imaging. Fluorescent viewing and live animal in-vivo image capabilities are available as well as the resources detailed below.



Flow Cytometry

The flow Cytometry suite consists of two major parts. Cell sorting is available via the FACSAria II, which is equipped with 3 lasers and 14 different filters. Training on both cell data acquisition and cell data analysis is available via the Accuri which is equipped with 2 lasers and 4 different filters. Both machines allow qualitative and quantitative analysis of cells that have been labeled with different reagents, such as dyes and different types of antibodies.



Surgery Core

The surgery core provides surgical support services for pre-clinical studies held in the Richard Dean Building.  The core is responsible for managing procedure room scheduling in support of WFIRM operations as well as equipment scheduling and maintainence.



Tara Jones, Laboratory Manager


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