Flow Cytometry Shared Resource

Overview of Services

The Flow Cytometry Shared Resource provides researchers with ready access to the necessary expertise and state-of-the-art instrumentation they need to explore a wide range of research problems with flow cytometry on both Wake Forest (WF-FCSR) and Levine Cancer Institute (L-FCSR) campuses.

Focus Area

  • Versatile Flow Cytometry experiment designs
  • Single cell or bulk sorting of fluorescently labeled cells.
  • Drop off testing of clinical specimens
  • Machine learning applications

Core Leaders

Jason Grayson, PhD, Director


David Foureau, MS, PhD, Assistant Director (AH LCI)


Location and hours of operation

Beckman Coulter Astrios EQ

10am-5pm, M-F

BioTech Place, 2E-001

BD Fortessa X20 Analyzers


BioTech Place, 2E-002

FACS Canto


Hanes Building, 4th floor, Rm 4063

Nanocellect Wolf Cell Sorter


Hanes Building, 4th Floor, Rm 4063

BD Fortessa



Beckman Coulter CytoFlex






At LCI, instrument reservation requests can be made by emailing David Foureau and Fei Guo, to confirm specific days and time slot to run experiments.

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External Funding Application “Facility” Description

Review the facility description of this Shared Resource on pages 2-5 of the  AHWFCCC boilerplate.