Cell Engineering Shared Resource



The mission of the Cell Engineering Shared Resource (CESR) is to serve the scientific needs of Wake Forest Baptist Comprehensive Cancer Center (WFBCCC) researchers. The CESR serves an essential function by providing investigators with considerable expertise in cell culture/cell line engineering/viral vector propagation, and the tools to analyse cell growth/death in vitro and in vivo under a wide variety of experimental conditions. The CESR is capable of designing, implementing and optimizing new cell culture/transduction procedures on behalf of investigators, and can conduct short-term experiments efficiently in a cost-effective manner. The CESR supports the research community at all of the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center campuses, allowing investigators to make the most of their time and research dollars. The CESR also offers an on-site stockroom for tissue culture reagents and custom procurement services with substantial discounts from multiple vendors.


Research Project Support (contact Dr. Singh: rasingh@wakehealth.edu or Dr. Turner: jolturne@wakehealth.edu):

  1. customized assistance for cell culture/cell line engineering techniques including gene editing (CRISPR)/ and viral/plasmid vector transduction/ cell viability/growth analysis
  2. CRISPR design and optimization (in partnership with Sigma-Aldrich’s CRISPR Core Partnership Program)
  3. consultation and customized assistance to aid in design, implementation and optimization and trouble-shooting cell of new cell culture procedures
  4. production and concentration of replication-incompetent viruses including: lentivirus (ecotrophic and amphotrophic); AAV; adenovirus
  5. plasmid  expansion (tranformation; mini/midi/maxiprep; endotoxin free DNA purification)
  6. quality control and detailed records for each research project


Products and Services (contact Ms. Yelena Karpova: ykarpova@wakehealth.edu) or go to http://ccc.wfubmc.edu/corelab/serviceorder.aspx:

  1. on-site stockroom and distribution center with discounted pricing for cell culture media (including FBS), reagents and plastics (Fisher, ISCBioexpress); same day pick-up available
  2. daily ordering and significant discounts for non-stockroom products and services from external vendors including BioRad, eBioscience, Gemini, Lonza, LifeTech, PerkinElmer, Qiagen, Roche, Sigma
  3. free shipping/packaging/handling (including dry ice shipments) for all orders with distribution to all campuses daily
  4. ordering of primers from Invitrogen; orders placed daily
  5. Custom media and reagent preparation under strict quality control
  6. establishment of cells from a cell line repository (over 100 cancer cell lines)
  7. cryopreservation and storage of tissue culture cells (liquid nitrogen)
  8. mycoplasma testing and control


Equipment we support:

IVIS Lumina Series III

  • Non-invasive (fluorescence/luminescence) imaging of cells in rodents.

Essen BioSciences IncuCyte Zoom

  • Real-time, quantitative live-cell analysis

Biospherix Xvivo X3 Hypoxia Hood & Culture Comb (coming soon)

  • Growth of cells in low oxygen (hypoxic) conditions




Ravi Singh, Ph.D

Department of Cancer Biology




Yelena Karpova


Jane Strupe


Jolyn Turner, Ph.D



Location and hours of operation

Hours     Location


9 am - 4 pm

Order pick-up:

9:30 am -11:30 am;

3 pm - 4 pm


    Medical Center Blvd

    Gray 2063

    Winston Salem, NC 27157


Links and Resources

  1. Cell and Viral Vector Core Laboratory


Name Role Phone Email Location
Ravi Singh, PhD
Hanes 4045
Yelena Karpova
Core Staff
Gray 2063
Jane Strupe
Core Staff
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Jolyn Turner
Special Services
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