Tumor Tissue and Pathology Shared Resource

Overview of Services

The Tumor Tissue and Pathology Shared Resource (TTPSR) consists of four well-integrated laboratories:

  • Tumor Tissue Lab
  • Human Pathology Lab
  • Comparative Pathology Lab
  • Organoid Processing Lab
  • Biospecimen Repository (BSR)

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External Funding Application “Facility” Description

Review the facility description of this Shared Resource on pages 2-5 of the  AHWFCCC boilerplate. 


To facilitate clinical and translational cancer research by:

  • collecting and supplying high-quality, well-characterized human and animal tissues (neoplastic and normal).
  • providing various pathology services to Wake Forest Baptist Comprehensive Cancer Center (WFBCCC) investigators.
  • providing enterprise-wide clinical trail specimen support, banking, and clinical tumor profiling.

Focus Areas

  • Specimen banking – collection, processing, storage, shipping, and distribution; available at all sites
  • Histology, histotech, assay development, diagnostic, and experimental pathology services – human and non-human specimens
  • Organoid development and screening
  • Clinical trial specimen collection, processing, and shipping
  • Clinical Genomic Testing – single point of contact and standardized workflow

TTPSR Leaders

Ed Levine, MD, Director

Gregory L. Kucera, PhD, Assistant Director, TPL, WFBCCC

Wencheng Li, MD, Assistant Director, HPL, WFBCCC

David Caudell, DVM, PhD, Assistant Director, CPL, WFBCCC

Konstantinos Votanopoulos, MD, PhD, FACS, Assistant Director, OPL, WFBCCC

Farhang Farhangfar, MS, MBA, Assistant Director, Biospecimen Repository (BSR), Levine Cancer Institute, Atrium Health


Tumor Tissue Lab -  Hanes 4th floor

Human Pathology Lab -  Gray 2127

Comparative Pathology Lab - Clarkson Campus

Organoid Processing Lab - WFIRM 369

Biospecimen Repository (BSR) Levine Cancer Institute (Charlotte) 

Links and Resources

Tumor Tissue and Pathology Shared Resource home page

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Greg Kucera, PhD
Tumor Tissue Lab

Tiffany Walker West
Tumor Tissue Lab

Libby McWilliams
Tumor Tissue Lab

Tammy Sexton
Human Pathology Lab

David Caudell, DVM, PhD
Comparative Pathology Lab

Cathy M. Mathis
Comparative Pathology Lab

Jean Gardin
Comparative Pathology Lab

Wencheng Li
Human Pathology Lab


Konstantinos Votanopoulos
Organoid Processing Lab


Farhang Farhangfar
Biospecimen Repository, Atrium Health