Translational Engineering and Design (TED) Core

Core Summary

The core works to provide professional design, testing, and production services. We create mechanical parts, tools, and anatomical models that open novel clinical and research capabilities and workflows. The core aims to deliver professional quality products and testing services at competitive costs with active collaboration and accountability with our clients.

We can produce engineering designs in digital formats, parts in small batch and/or mass quantities, complex and organic geometries, in engineering quality materials using our manufacturing grade equipment. We collaborate with Wake Forest Innovations and Wake Healthcare Innovations in the generation of designs that aid in the creation of intellectual property and proof of concept prototypes.

We also conduct testing and simulation services using our unique robotic testing systems and servo hydraulic testing frame. Types of work include: material characterization (such as fatigue and failure testing), joint mechanical testing, and surgical biomechanics, and robotic minimally invasive surgical simulation.

Core Equipment List 


  • Carbon 3D M1 – resin 3D printer
  • FormLabs Form2 – resin 3D printer
  • OMTECH 80W CO2 Laser – 24x35” Laser Engraving and Cutting
  • Machine Shop - mills, lathe, saws, drill press, sander, grinder, etc.


  • MTS Landmark servo hydraulic testing system
  • SimVitro KUKA KR300 6-axis robotic testing system
  • daVinci Standard robotic minimally invasive surgical robot

Services Offered

General services include design and manufacturing consultation, experimental design, technical services and Data Analysis

  • Mechanical Design – tools, jigs, fixtures, molds, CAD modeling, lattice design, engineering drawings
  • Reverse Engineering – scanning, drawing
  • Anatomical Modeling – segmentation, digital surgery, surgical guides
  • Additive Manufacturing and Design for Additive Manufacturing
  • Production and Assembly – machine shop operations
  • Manufacturing consultancy – sourcing 3d party services and vendors
  • Material Testing – servo hydraulic testing
  • Complex Mechanical Testing – 6 axes robotic testing
  • Surgical Simulation and Robotics – da Vinci surgical robot dVRK platform


Philip Brown | Director 

Adam Hall | Glycan Services

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday

9am - 5pm                    

575 Patterson Ave

Winston Salem, NC 27101       

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Philip Brown
Biotech Place, 575 Patterson Ave, l W-S 27101
Tyler Roy
Design Engineer


Biotech Place, 575 Patterson Ave, l W-S 27101
Grad Student 3D Printing
Biotech Place, 575 Patterson Ave, l W-S 27101
Adam Hall
Glycan Services PI
Biotech Place
Felipe Rivas
Grad Student - glycan
Biotech Place
Dorothea Erxleben
Grad Student - glycan
Biotech Place

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