Core for Cellular Respirometry

Overview of Services

The Core for Cellular Respirometry (CCR) aims to provide its users with everything they need to perform custom or established respirometry assays based on their research needs. This includes research on clinical, rodent, or primate samples, including tissue, isolated primary and cultured cells, or cell lines. The CCR is located in the Nutrition Research Building Rm 140. The lab space is equipped with a Non-CO2 incubator, water bath, cell counters, a microscope and camera, and other necessary tools for cell plating and culturing for Seahorse and Oroboros assays. A cell culture room is available for limited use across the hall for Core users, as is a -80 Freezer room. The Seahorse Instruments can accommodate up to 4 reagent injections, allowing the user to choose from several standard or custom protocols. There is no limit to the number of injections allowed on the Oroboros instrument, though standard protocols consist of up to 15 sequential injections of permeabilizing agents, metabolic substrates, and inhibitors to interrogate major metabolic pathways. New users with new cell and tissue types will be encouraged to schedule a minimum of 3 assays in iLab, including an inhibitor titration, cell or tissue density assay, and their first experimental plate. Cells such as isolated peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) and platelets can be run without these start-up assays if they are used regularly by the Core. Also, with the exception of PBMCs and platelets, all cells will need to be cultured and plated for Seahorse assays or provided in suspension for Oroboros assays by the Core users. For PBMC and platelets, whole blood can be provided for isolation so long as a separate isolation is scheduled through iLab. Currently, the prospective core’s 6 instruments can accommodate 12 separate 5 hour calendar slots during a single ten-hour day, including experiment setup, run, and cleanup. Access will be contingent on approval and core user training. Instrument booking will be assisted (performed by the core), or unassisted (performed by the user). Users will be supplied core reagents and materials (Seahorse microplates and cartridges) included in the cost of the service. Instrument training, cell isolation, data analysis, and pre-post experiment consultation services will be provided through iLab. Instrument service fees will be charged for each use of the Seahorse instrument based on the expected annual usage to cover the cost of a company service contract. For quality assurance, consultation with the director is strongly recommended for new users, and 2 training sessions will be required for those core users who intend to use the instruments unassisted.

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Philip Kramer, PhD Director

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday 

8AM - 6PM

1 Medical Center Blvd

NRC Rm 140

Winston-Salem, NC, 27157


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Philip Kramer, PhD